Take advantage of the BEST DEAL when you Join Stampin’ Up!

It’s all about being a wise shopper!  If you plan on buying $99 of Stampin’ Up! products in the coming months, why not get a discount, have access to tons of stamping inspiration & ideas, a chance to make new stamping friends, and so much more???

  • FREE PRODUCTS! Join Stampin’ Up! and choose $125 worth of product from your wishlist, free shipping, and free business supplies for $99. Get started today!
  • HAPPY SHOPPING!  Enjoy 20 – 25% off your favorite Stampin’ Up! inks, paper, stamps, tools and any available product while you remain active.
  • STAMPIN’ REWARDS! Continue to earn Stampin’ Rewards on your $150+ orders, in addition to your discount.
  • ORDER NEW PRODUCTS FIRST!  View catalogs and pre-order new products a month (or more) before their release (and at a discount) – one of my favorite benefits. 
  • FREE IDEAS! Receive my PDF tutorials for free – that includes my all of Class tutorials.
  • TRY PAPER PUMPKIN! Your Kit will include a FREE Paper Pumpkin Kit. Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription with a new all-inclusive project Kit sent to you automatically. Try Paper Pumpkin with your FREE Paper Pumpkin Kit and if you like it, you can sign up for a Paper Pumpkin Subscription using your Discount.
  • DO IT JUST FOR YOU!  There’s no obligation to host workshops or parties, sell products to others or personally purchase anything beyond the Kit!
  • JOIN THRU ME!  Those who purchase the Kit and join through me instantly become a member of my Sending Sunshine Squad.   I offer a positive, pressure-free, rewarding, and resourceful private community for passionate paper crafters!
  • I WELCOME HOBBY STAMPERS!  When you purchase the $99 Starter Kit thru me,  you’ll receive access to my private and exclusive virtual Facebook groups. Through these communities you’ll meet thousands of crafters – just like you- providing an abundance of inspiration. Get ready to be wowwed.
  • EARN EXTRA MOOLA and/or free products!  Stampin’ Up! offers a fun and creative opportunity to share your passion for stamping and earn extra income and product.  The choice is yours! I offer one-on-one training and career development for Business Builder stampers.
  • HOW TO REMAIN ACTIVE to CONTINUE benefits & discounts.  From the time you join through the end of the next full Stampin’ Up! quarter you can take advantage of demonstrator discounts and benefits.  You will have the balance of the quarter in which you join PLUS the next full quarter to reach your first $300 in sales (includes personal purchases) and renew for another quarter.  Hint:  Join at the beginning of a quarter for the longest window to enjoy benefits and reach your first $300 in sales. Stampin’ Up! quarters are:
    • Jan. – March
    • April – June
    • July – Sept.
    • Oct. – Dec. 
  • JOIN RISK-FREE!  If you reach $300 in sales or personal purchases (thru one large order or many smaller orders) by the end of your first full Stampin’ Up! quarter, fabulous!  You automatically renew your Demonstrator discounts and benefits for another quarter.  To continue, you will need to reach $300+ in sales (includes personal purchases) to renew from quarter to quarter.  If you don’t reach $300 in sales, you can “drop” with no penalty.

You may still be asking why you should join and I answer WHY NOT?  If you love Stampin’ Up! products and plan on purchasing more than $99 worth in the coming months, there is absolutely no good reason to say NO to this amazing deal!  It’s all about being a wise shopper!  Why not get a discount, have access to a ton of stamping inspiration & ideas, chance to make new stamping friends, and so much more!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Demonstrator? Everyone who joins Stampin’ Up! is a Demonstrator – even if the don’t demonstrate.

What is a Hobbyist? A Hobbyist is a Demonstrator who joins Stampin’ Up! to get their own Stampin’ Up products at a discount.

What is a Business Builder? A Business Builder is Demonstrator who joins Stampin’ Up! for the business opportunity. They get their own Stampin’ Up products at a discount and are working their business to grow their compensation opportunities with Stampin’ Up! As your business grows, so do your benefits and compensation from Stampin’ Up!.

What is Quarterly Minimum? To continue to receive your discount and other benefits, simply place a combination of orders totaling $300 Retail Sales every quarter.

What are Retail Sales? When you order through Stampin’ Up! your order is calculated at the Retail Price, which is the same as the Catalog listed price. This is the amount you order, but not the amount you pay. Your discount is deducted from the Retail Total, and you pay the discounted amount.

Do I have to do What You Do? Not at all. Should you decide to become a Business Builder, you decide how much time and effort you want to put into your Stampin’ Up! Business.

If I have not answered all of your questions I am happy to chat with you on the phone to answer them directly!