3/30 – 4/30 Birthday Cards for Troops Drive


Do you have a stockpile of Birthday cards you don’t know what to do with? Would you like to use your cardmaking to Bless someone?  Join my Cards for Troops ministry by donating your beautiful Birthday Cards. Not a card maker? You can still help by sending cards you purchase or by donating postage or your time. 

I’m collecting Birthday Cards to use for upcoming months.  I make and send between 50 and 80 cards per month to Troops all over the world!! And I would LOVE to send your cards in the coming months. My goal is 500 Cards. Will you help? The greatest need is for MASCULINE cards.

As a Navy Mom, I am able to belong to two private groups where addresses are shared. I am unable to share the addresses with you, but when I receive the addresses I will send your cards on your behalf. Simply send me your stack of cards – signed, sealed, in envelopes (and even stamped if you want) and when I get the birthday addresses, your cards will go out!

The only rules are:

  • No Politics
  • Inside the card, write an encouraging message and well wishes. What would you say to someone to make them feel special on their birthday. Be positive, genuine, and uplifting. Many of these cards go to personnel under the age of 30 and the majority are men. If you would like to print off sentiments and sign your name, here is a version of the one I use:
  • Decorated envelopes are allowed for Birthday Cards for Troops.
  • In the front lower left corner of your envelope, please indicate M, F or E  to let me know if the card is for Male, Female or Either.
  • Within your larger envelope, please sort and bundle your stack of cards by Male, Female or Either.
  • Effective 10/25/21: If you would like to provide postage for your cards – THANK YOU – please include postage in the larger envelope, but not on the individual cards. I often get requests for cards for groups – i.e. nursing homes, non-profit organizations, bootcamp divisions, etc – and I like to send cards from a variety of crafters so the recipients don’t all get the same cards. This is easier to do if they don’t have postage on them. 

Please contact me for address to send to!

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