Simple Stamping Tips

As Christmas quickly approaches, chances are you’re already making cards for family and friends. Creating so many cards can seem overwhelming, but we have a few ideas that can make everyone’s card-sending season merry and bright.

Some of the first Christmas trees were decorated with nothing but candles, which may seem minimal, but those candles brought joy and light to any home. Just like those early Christmas trees, not every project needs hundreds of embellishments to make it beautiful. For example, take a look at our Friends Like You card, where a Gray Granite 1/4″ (6.4 mm) Shimmer Ribbon creates a simple touch of elegance.

As you can see in our Een sprankelend en liefdevol nieuwjaar card, there’s an easy trick to give your crafts a little bit more texture. Simply use the scoring blade on your Paper Trimmer to make diagonal lines on a piece of Basic White Cardstock. It’s easy to do and adds more substance to any project.

And when the season gets busy, try the technique from the Que ce Noël card. In this card, we used the Knit Together Background Stamp from the July–December 2021 Mini Catalog, then cut the image into four pieces to get four cards. It’s so easy! Do that enough times and you’ll have so many cards you’ll have to make more friends!